MVNO solution architecture

The flexible MVNO Billing Solution with unlimited per-site license presents great business opportunities for mobile operators.

Key benefits

  • service provisioning modules into a variety of HLR/HSS, OCS for MVNO real-time charging, CDR file mediation, invoicing and business analytics

  • Fully open architecture allows integration with core network, CRM, ERP, accounting and other components

  • Per-site license unlimited in terms of subscribers, calls, etc. significantly reduces an operator’s TCO

  • Supports full MVNO (when you own network core components such as HLR), thin (when you only do MVNO billing) and OTT (when you handle voice and messages via your own VoIP infrastructure) solutions support

  • The same installation & license can be used to operate as an MVNE for other operators or to deploy VAS (value-added services) such as IP Centrex

  • 24/7/365 support & maintenance includes all new features and updates for the platform

  • Every component is operated in a high-availability cluster; additional levels of reliability can be achieved via an extra geo-redundant site

Full Benefits

Optimize daily operations

Customer auto-provisioning to HLR / HSS

Online charging: Diameter Gy / Ro; RADIUS; CAMEL

Provide better experience for end user

Customer self-care portal and IVR

Online payments and top-ups

Consolidated bill for all mobile services

Excel in service reliability

Default full data redundancy

Site redundancy and zero-downtime updates

Increase profitability

Use the platform for VAS billing

Multi-service bundles, triple play

Stay ahead of the competition

Unlimited scalability with no per-user or per feature costs

Minimal administrative activity

Rapidly increase your sales volume

Multiple currencies and markets

Distributors, resellers, white-label operators

Cross-service promotions and discounts