Cloud PBX

Unified Service Components

  • Session border controller (SBC)

  • Softswitch cluster

  • IP phone auto-provisioning

  • WebRTC gateway

  • Business Support System (BSS)

  • Self-care portal

Offer your customers IP Centrex, voice/video calls, conferencing, unified messaging, and presence service

Customize your revenue stream

  • Charge by extension and/or calling rates.

  • Bundle Minutes or Volume discounts.

Get your customers set up quickly

  • Use templates with product, charges, payment terms

  • Signup via your company website

  • Auto-provision 50 over IP phone models instantly

  • Assign Customer selfcare portal with a click.

High end security and reliability

  • supports SIP over TLS and ZRTP

  • Fraud prevention

  • Real-time balance check of customer accounts.

Hosted IP PBX integrated billing

  • Automated Billing & Invoicing.

  • Automated payment follow-up and account block.

  • Auto charging credit card or any payment method.


Optimize daily operations

Anti-fraud and call attempts (CPS) control

Auto-provisioning of SIP phones

Automated billing and invoicing

Detailed web-based logs for troubleshooting

Provide better experience for end user

User-friendly web GUI for IP Centrex management

Per-call selection of route quality

Quick ordering of new DIDs (local, toll-free, international)

Use desktop phone, mobile phone or smartphone app

Excel in service reliability

Rigorously tested new versions

Adaptive routing to provide the best available quality

Clustered components for high availability

Ultimate availability (99.999%) with Oracle RAC

Site redundancy and zero-downtime updates

Increase profitability

Charging based on number of extensions, trunks and/or concurrent calls

Minute bundles with a fixed monthly fee

Least-cost routing across multiple outgoing carriers

Real-time call authorization and overdraft protection

Stay ahead of the competition

Unlimited scalability with no per-user or per-feature costs

Open platform that is quickly and easily expandable

Class 5 features that work reliably

Rapidly increase your sales volume

Online web signup with credit card billing

Multiple currencies and markets

Promotions and discounts

Resellers (white-label operators)

Usage/payment based commissions

Supported features:

  • Alternate numbers

  • Distinctive/Priority alerting

  • Do not disturb

  • Extension dialing

  • Call forwarding /Follow-me

  • Selective call acceptance

  • Call transfer

  • Selective call rejection

  • Call waiting

  • Sequential ring

  • Calling line ID delivery

  • Simultaneous ring

  • Calling line ID blocking and override

  • Speed dial

  • Account codes

  • Hunt groups

  • Auto attendant

  • Least-cost routing

  • Loudspeaker paging

  • Call centers

  • Three-way calling

  • Call pickup

  • Two-stage dialing

  • Call park and pickup

  • Multi-site dialing plans

  • Music on hold

  • Voice/Fax mail