M2M / IoT

M2M / IoT for communications service providers: automated provisioning, parallel network deployment, and flexible billing options

Communications service providers (CSPs) deploy Internet-of-things (IoT) networks and launch machine-to-machine (M2M) services with PortaBilling to overcome a number of unique challenges:

  • endpoint provisioning across disparate networks,

  • network interference from data overload, and

  • complex service monetization due to rigid legacy billing.

Fully automated M2M/IoT service provisioning:

  • High-volume SIM card provisioning across any network

  • Real-time endpoint monitoring and detection

  • Mobile devices, sensors, industrial machines

eDECOR - separation of the mobile network core:

  • Non-disruptive deployments for M2M applications

  • “Human” vs. “Machine” traffic management

  • Various radio access technologies (RAT): UTRAN, NB-IOT, etc.

Service monetization and revenue assurance:

  • Event-based and recurring charges

  • Usage and utility style billing

  • Omni channel customer management


IoT Service Control